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HHS Album Hype Snippet From The Track 'Blank' By Eedee and DGAF


I only live carefully
An ill mind, but still I carry this baggage
Tryna get on a different plane of existence
But the difference in the words in my brain
The earth and it's age
Is that when the end comes, it hurts all the same...
So the purpose remains,
When it's all said and done I hope I'm turnin' a page
(Hey DGAF, man, murder away)

[Verse 2: W.O.L.F.]
They keep talking, beats that we stomping
Squash em, ease off em, quick to see brawling
Dawg it’s nonsense to stop this, you speak on it
Act on it, or swing on it, like beat-boxing,
I’m coming for the cheddar, mozzarella, the lettuce
I gotta get it, so beef starting is heaven,
Accept it and start regretting
A battle you can’t win, they been caging
The animal locked inside of me wondering how rabid this man gets
I bet they stop wondering after I snap, quick
And clap, clap, round of applause with the gats bitch
And that’s it, impale your heart
Hearing screams on the track like I’m Dale Earnhardt
Re-mix every track you drop, add some bars, rewind your verse
When the static starts, subtract your part
Then drop my shit as a single and top it
And I won’t even list you as a featuring artist


Eedee and DGAF



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