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This Is A Compilation Album Of Different Artists From hiphopshelter.com.
Includes Artists Such As Eedee, Atone, Kemist, W.O.L.F, Breastmilk, Castle, Mat Demaz and More!


released May 14, 2015

Asho/Kemist For Compiling The Album

Atone for doing the artwork for this album, wouldnt have been possible without you!

Python for doing so much production and deciding on the tracklist. Definitely wouldn't have been possible without you!



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HHS Artists Australia


Compilation of artists from HHS (Hiphopshelter.com)

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Track Name: Say Hello, Black Crow (TranSlucEnt Feat. North Star Wisdom
Verse 1 (TranSlucEnt):
A common connection severed; disgraced, replaced, defaced/
By the mundane urges that go to waste/
The stressors, carefully placed within the pressures/
Surrounding my mind when its caving into better/
Ways of dealing with this force of manipulation/
That black crow stays perched on my mind waitin'/
For a chance to strike/
When that clock strikes midnight/
Wings spread to take flight/
Into the void of spite/
Standing here clutching the beat of light the angel gave me/
Before it collapsed of fright and passed away safely/
Feeling life slip right through it's fingertips/
Sealed off the heavens but still wanting to finish this/
Method of madness, let the walls cave in/
With the intent to cleanse whats under the skin/
All the while, that black crow sits and observes/
The impact of the words until the lifelines are blurred/
Deep into the void better known as regret/
Pushing for it's eradication until I run out of breath/
But it stays vigilant, listening in/
To the sibilant sounds arising after it's incident/

Chorus (TranSlucEnt):

Say Hello, Black Crow/
It's very nice to meet you/
Wearing the crown of thorns/
The rationale is see through/
And I should know better than to stay/
But your words are so intoxicating/
I just cant pull away, Say/
Say Hello, Black Crow/
It's very nice to meet you/
I'd love to stay, but I must be on my way/
Don't cry little buddy/
I'll see you another day/
And I wouldnt want it any other way/

Verse 2 (TranSlucEnt):

Unbeknownst to it's knowledge/
Modern Men submerged/
Position of power into the doubt
Holding out the coward/
In the animal, enclosed in the hollowed out hearts of the forsaken/
That love was almost tangible/
Not far enough to chase, not close enough to hold/
Tightly with the vice grip, stunting it's growth/
With a smile on my face/
Not letting it get away/
Until the omens are cast astray on a sunny day/
I'm touching the idea of heaven, I can taste it/
Locking my skeletons in the depths of my basement/
Crying out to the crow circling my soul/
With my death grips on it's wings not letting go/
But let that pain show, and let those tears flow/
Open up the barricaded heart and let the spirit glow/
Yet that black crow stays watching me from the awning/
And it's longing to manipulate the spirit of belonging/
But I know, I wear a mask too/
Smile at everybody who just passes you/
A smile holds a thousand motives/
And the black crow stays hidden within that everyday emotion/

Chorus (North Star Wisdom):

Say Hello, Black Crow/
It's very nice to meet you/
Wearing the crown of thorns/
The rationale is see through/
I should know better than to stay/
But your words are so intoxicating/
I just cant pull away, Say/
Hey Black Crow/
It's very nice to meet you/
I'd love to stay/
But I must be on my way/
Don't cry, I'll see you another day/
I wouldn't want it any other way/

Verse 3 (North Star Wisdom):

Here's to wishin' that I wasn't so sick and so vivid/
Live in sin sin sin so I sing sing sing it/
Let it sink in, let it reproduce, I'm an infant in a seasoned womb/
I'm seein' through the sea of blues and floatin' on a sequence, choose/
To be free or be trapped to be speed or knees snapped/
Relapse reflex be stressed max or relax/
I see past the trees collapse and plant the seeds in needle marks/
You wanna take my blood while I'm kicking back in the reapers arms/
I say no to that float in the ozone of old souls/
Who choke on they breakfast, learn the news of the chokehold/
The chopping block is full of rotten thoughts, impossible quotes/
And offerings of peace that make me sleepless and controlled/
It's so cold, here in the middle of the summer/
Watch the black clouds drip acid rain, block the sun and/
Black crows flock together 'till they drop from the horizon, We/
sink as one unknown nobody's a survivor, You don't get it
Track Name: Blank (Catastrophic)
(Prod. by Eedee)

[Verse 1: Regular Eric]
Hare-brained schemes like a magical act
You're crazy if you think that you can challenge my rap
Battlin' back on you suckas, I'm chargin' like Pickett
Keep it civil on you bitches cause your heart isn't in it
... Like what am I supposed to do?
You don't ever let me get fuckin' close to you
God damn it, takes a turn for the worse
Can't even write a fuckin' song without talkin' about a girl
This shit should be therapy, I only live carefully
An ill mind, but still I carry this baggage
Tryna get on a different plane of existence
But the difference in the words in my brain
The earth and it's age
Is that when the end comes, it hurts all the same...
So the purpose remains,
When it's all said and done I hope I'm turnin' a page
(Hey DGAF, man, murder away)

[Verse 2: W.O.L.F.]
They keep talking, beats that we stomping
Squash em, ease off em, quick to see brawling
Dawg it’s nonsense to stop this, you speak on it
Act on it, or swing on it, like beat-boxing,
I’m coming for the cheddar, mozzarella, the lettuce
I gotta get it, so beef starting is heaven,
Accept it and start regretting
A battle you can’t win, they been caging
The animal locked inside of me wondering how rabid this man gets
I bet they stop wondering after I snap, quick
And clap, clap, round of applause with the gats bitch
And that’s it, impale your heart
Hearing screams on the track like I’m Dale Earnhardt
Re-mix every track you drop, add some bars, rewind your verse
When the static starts, subtract your part
Then drop my shit as a single and top it
And I won’t even list you as a featuring artist

[Verse 3: Regular Eric & (W.O.L.F.)]
Ay, yo, this beat is on Harvest...
Just kidding, that's a blatant fucking lie
(My crazy fucking lies kinda alter the truth
Like I may or may not have your mom in this booth)
I mean you probably do, but would you follow it through?
So Help Me God if it don't Swish, what's wrong with you, dude?
(Well, my tonsils are loose, I can't even spit straight
We just made a random song to put it on a mixtape)
Suck my nuts! Suck them till they're dry as shit...
(You like to... suck, bitch)
Suck my nuts! Suck them till they're dry as shit...
(You like to... suck, bitch)
Track Name: The Laziest Rap Song Ever In History (Breastmilk & SnakeBeast)
[Intro: Breast Milk]
I don't want to write a fucking song,
I really do not want to write a song,
Yo, fuck it, I'll just do something real fast,
And pretend it's a concept, y'know?
Okay, here we go

[Verse 1: Breast Milk]:
Write a song for all the pretty girls in the house,
Put your hands up and eagerly remove your blouse,
Horn dog, corn dog, turn the porn off,
Dick in, nut, dick out, hose the whore off,
I'm a millionaire though, gear down,
...No one wants a thirsty bitch, weird out,
...That's enough about girls though,
No one want's to hear about that, I love how they blow though,
Fast food rhymes with fat dude,
And it also rhymes with cat food, yeah that too,
I didn't really want to write a long verse,
So I filled it up with filler lines, I'm the worst,
Let me offer you a little piece of advice,
Don't buy my CD's at half price,
Bad men get punched by batman,
And make Floyd Mayweather read The Cat in the Hat,
I don't even like rap,
That's why my lines are merely worth a fucking cheap laugh,
I'mma suplex you like Kurt Angle,
Take another selfie that was my worst angle,
Yeah homie, I am daddy's little angel,
No homo, you want to see me touch my ankles?
Yeah, all the girls go nuts,

[Hook: Breast Milk and (Snakebeast)]
Put your hands together and clap them,
Clap your hands 'cause this is rap.
(Put your hands together and clap them
Snakebeast kills great beats and he’s better than this faggot)

[Verse 2: Snakebeast]
Fuck a Breast Milk, your expiry date is arriving today
You smell like old piss, the hope is, you expire and fade
You’d probably pass out on that couch if Snake was to wait
Now here’s the kind of rhymes you should’ve been making today
Snake’s a privileged kid, but he’s never giving a shit
You can catch him downtown, grabbing a hobo’s head kicking it in
So obsessed with himself, he should go get some help
But even his therapist said to this arrogant kid: you’re going to hell
Such a narcissist, every single bar he spits is about himself
But he’s artistic, he’s a very awesome kid, he spits so well
He’s real as hell, even the future him feels himself
So ill it will kill him, but even his ghost will feel him as well
Human form, beast in mind, its hard to get what his species is
Practically bleeding rhymes, you aren't winning or beating him
Devious dickish demon kid at war with your peace of mind
Even sleep deprived, sleepy eyed narcoleptics won't sleep on this
So full of himself he refers to himself in third person
Word wizard with spells, conjures blizzards with yells
He can burn blisters to cells and turn winter to hell
He could even kill himself, but he’d only come back, better as well
He’s a merciless murderer that murders your shit with words
Converting them to curses turning wordsmiths nervous and wordless
An assertive Merlin of words, cursing the worthless in earnest
With words and personals that hurt persons well and irreversibly burn them
Go further and further, spurting more words than you have heard of, bitch
Burning spit burns through furniture and your bandage or tourniquet
And damage you nervous kids, average is worthlessness, so Snake is murking shit
Working this beat till it curses and weeps, asserting elite dominance
He bottles all of his emotions till they grow to the size of an ocean
Freeze them alive till all of them are frozen then put em all in his mind for holding
Then he releases it in a caustic flow, one flawless awesome moment
The heat of which beats the shit out of that of the phoenix king’s fiery spit as he’s breathing it on top of the rocketing, falling comet of Sozin

[Outro: Breast Milk]
Yeah, I mean, it was good, but like...where were the jokes, though?
Track Name: Expectations (W.O.L.F.)
(Prod. by Mr. Kooman)


[Verse 1]
It’s like they expect me not to crack
They expect me not to snap
They expect me to do right
Keep my screws tight
I’m trying man, I promise I am
They expect me not to flip shit
You got it twisted
It’s hard not to commit sins, I’m gifted
But something isn’t right, I see it but don’t feel the light
And then it hits my side, flash up to an empty sky
I am dignified up, up with the clouds
The sun’s coming down, I feel at home
Things that weighed me down blaze the ground,
And begin to float, yeah I’m here fasho
What? Ya didn’t know? Bitch, this the flow
I been practicing, traveling, the globe
Unraveling slow, no one knows the damage controls
Each path that I go, so, now that I chose
You got second doubts, for me? Shit
Progressing out with each hit
The sounds for me, split
My clouded dreams, with an
Ounce of me, mixed
With how I see shit, and hope to get right
My shits tight, the views aren’t though
It’s true y’all know what’s hounding me, shit
Every single thought I’m bound to think gets
Exposed for y’all, there’s no flow it all
Give me a sec to compose my thoughts, I’m barely holding on


[Verse 2]
I expect you not to ask
Like I expect you not to care
I expect it to blow by
They don’t know why, I’m doing this
At times neither do I
What to expect when I stop though?
When I drop off the face of the planet
What will they think when I’m gone yo?
So I jot notes, in hopes that it’s clear I
Was human like you and the only differences here lie
In what you believe, perception shaping
The mess you’re making, to you it’s not bad
To everyone else it’s crazy
But that’s life
Hope the right decision was made
The difference in doing right and being a living mistake
Fickle as fuck, so I’m switching it up
This isn’t another prediction of hunter
Doing some shit for attention, complain for minutes and call it
A typical song it’s the shit that I thought of when I was asked
What’s the meaning of life?
To me and everything that I write – the reason I try
To answer that shit is I see that with time
Life’s mistakes and learning until the season you die
Fucking up only means you’re alive
And that’s the reason I try
Track Name: You’re Just A Monster (Jaba Feat. Tadpole)
Tadpole & Castle "You're Just a Monster" Lyrics (*Castle's Verse Only*) -
verse 1 (1:43 - 2:46) -

we often blame our problems on others

we are sensitive, we lash out to cover our troubles

in reality, everyone suffers, whether old enemies or old lovers

you have intertwined for some reason or another

fate just doesn’t happen by chance, but you still may wonder

on why you’ve been put into this situation to suffer

and how you handle the situation, well, it will determine on if you will recover

so you start reflecting on you’re actions and we start judging ourselves as well

not knowing were doing it wrong because we start thinking about our health,

you determine if you’re a good person because you, compare with someone else

you put your problems first because you think they have to be dealt

when really you should be looking over your words and how to others, how they felt

to melt someones emotions could feel worse than a blow below the belt

and we all hypocrites so before you tell me to zip my lips

you better just rewind this shit and admit I’m right cus you’re doing exactly what i said you would

I’m like a psychic and i know you’re not gonna like it but when I’m writing this I’m writing for you

so that one day when you find yourself in a dark place that person that you think is your enemy isn’t the one saying to you that